Before I started training with PPM about a month ago, I had not exercised in around 15 years. My trainer makes exercise interesting. He keeps me motivated to achieve my goals. I have tried new fitness equipment and methods of working out. After one month of training with PPM, my weight is down almost 10 pounds. I started at 290 pounds just 30 days ago. I look forward to an arm wrestling match with my trainer when I hit my next goal (to drop to 270 pounds) at the end of next month.  My trainer is very dedicated. I'm an old man-- double his age. However, his knowledge about weight loss and exercise makes it easy. My friends think I already lost 50 pounds! My posture is better and so is my back. I find myself taking the stairs now instead of the escalators, and I like that! I will remain committed to PPM because their trainers continue to work hard to help me reinvent myself. I travel a lot, but they are flexible with scheduling our sessions.

Kristin & Kyle

All my son ever wanted was to be in shape and a boxer, Mitch and Lou's work out plans and meal prep guides changed his life forever.  Now he is a healthy teenager with a new passion for boxing!


What keeps me coming back is my incredible trainer.  She motivates me and crafts workouts that are customized to what works for me. She takes her responsibility seriously and I am a happier, stronger and healthier person for it! I recommend training with PPM!! My trainer listens and responds to create the perfect workout!! Thank you PPM!!!


My trainer is the best trainer I’ve had! She has helped me lose some of the post baby fat that I have had for 10 years or so. I never could lose that belly.  My new PPM diet and working out plan has changed that! My tummy is tighter than ever. I do feel better going into my 40's then I’ve had most of my 30's. 


I started out at 315 pounds in July 2018. After the holidays, during which time I struggled, I'm happy to post breaking the 270 mark again. I lost 45 pounds! Now, my goal is to drop to 250 pounds. I haven't been 250 pounds in 30 years. I feel stronger than I did throughout my 30s, 40s, and most of my 50s. The trainers experience and attitude keep it interesting.


I started working with Chris and Frank last August.  I was 315 lbs., I’m 57. They started me with rubber bands and a lot of stretching. I was really feeling very old. Sometimes it hurt just to move.  I feel better than ever now.  I take the stairs and have lost 50 lbs. I work out at least 3 days a week with my trainers and then do some side stuff when I am home.

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