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Embrace the power of our recovery lounge with PPM by scheduling Stretch Therapy Sessions!


At Personal Performance Management, we understand that proper pre and post-workout recovery and care are essential to achieving optimal fitness results. That's why our recovery lounge, located in the downstairs area of the studio, is equipped with a stretch table, Hypervolt GO massage gun, and Normatec compression therapy devices. Whether you need to target general areas like the arms, legs, and hips with Normatec therapy, or specific muscles with the Hypervolt massage gun, our recovery lounge has got you covered.



In our private studio, clients have access to all of our prestigious exercise equipment, high-tech recovery utilities, nutrition plan, and additional resources to aid you in having the most optimal experience with us. Our professional trainers provide experience and knowledge on correct form and provide tips and amazing motivation to help you push yourself to the limit. We ensure that our studio equipment is thoroughly cleaned and wiped down after usage each session and that equipment is neatly organized in its dedicated places. We take pride in our establishment being a clean, friendly, and thriving place for you and others to work hard and feel their best. 


Schedule your session:

1. Choose a date that you want to attend a Normatec session & click search.

2. Next, choose a date & time that works best for you.

3. After choosing your date & time, if you haven't already, either sign in or sign up for a Mindbody account (click “My Account” at the top of the calendar then click Create a new profile).


4. Review the session details, including the date, time, location, and cost (if applicable).


5. If you're ready to sign up, click on the "Sign Up Now" button.

6. Once you've signed up and paid (if applicable), you should receive a confirmation email or message from Mindbody. This will include the details of the session you signed up for, as well as any other relevant information.

Thanks for signing up! We look forward to seeing you!


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Michelle Perez was born and raised in Washington Heights, New York City. Having grown up in a large loving family and in a vibrant community, her love of the arts grew from her admiration of her Dominican heritage, the beautiful people she’s encountered over the years and the places she has been grateful to have explored. Empathic by nature, she considers herself a jack of all trades. Michelle can be found relaxing in nature, stargazing, and meditating to stir up her creative eclectic mind. A lover of music and its ability to inspire all kinds of artistic creations, from paintings, drawings, to crocheting and much more. She values self-care, loves working out and is all about health and nutrition. She was also a former ballet dancer and has taken art courses throughout the years but is mostly self-taught.  She achieved her B.A. in Business Management and is currently working in the law industry and in the process of opening her own art boutique, Empathic Art. Michelle now resides in New Jersey where she finds magic in everyday life. As a proud single mom, she is motivated by the unconditional bond and love she shares with her children. They are the catalysts for the establishment of the foundation for Empathic Art. Her goal is to leave a legacy for her children that will not only make them proud but will also inspire them to display their creative talents to the world for years to come. A legacy she hoped that will also inspire other creative minds to follow their passions, break down barriers, and create to heal themselves and others. She believes art has healed her and helped her cope through the toughest moments in her life and knows it can do the same for anyone that picks up a paint brush or a pencil. Michelle believes everyone is an artist that can create masterpieces that bring love and light into this world.

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