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The workouts tile will have a list of preloaded and custom workouts designed just right for you.  Choose anywhere from workouts to shape & tone, get fit, build muscle, improve well-being, and lose weight.  All workouts demonstrate the proper form of each exercise you will perform.

Our app tracks all your important body metrics and composition: fat, muscle, bone mass, body water, and other percentages.  Circumference logging, fat percentage, and BMI are all available for edit as well.  

Your activity goal watches your every move throughout your everyday living.  Steps, cardio and strength are the big three we track.  Calorie burn, activity, challenges and more are constantly being tracked as well.  

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The nutrition tile will help you with all of your healthy eating needs.  The first set up with the nutrition tile asks you a series of questions which provides a simple macro breakdown. Our certified nutritionist Hailey will customize the macro count based on request to adequately fit your personal macro count.  Next, you will be assigned a food list and have full access to a wide variety of foods in the grocery library. Your remaining calories for the day tab will tell you how many calories you can eat left in the day and take your physical activity into account.

Engagement isn't just necessary for client and trainer, but for all members. Participants can discuss workouts, create challenges for each other, keep each other motivated and share encouragement, and trade recipes or meals to try. Knowing that you aren't going through your wellness journey alone while establishing a connection with other members pushes you to work your hardest which helps you feel your best.

Challenges will be posted in their own section and will require you to join them. This puts you in a group filled with  motivation as well as progress-checks from other members who have joined this challenge. There will be a wide variety of challenges, including bodyweight, steps, HIIT, strength training, consistency, app usage, etc.