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International Functional Foods Association: Snack-sized Overnight Oats

If you’re a breakfast any time of the day person then this is for you! And since you make it the night before, it’s a quick snack to grab between work.

  • Combine old fashioned oats with milk of choice

  • Mix in a scoop of chia seeds

  • Pro tip: Add raisins to sweeten and get more benefits

Oats control hunger and prevent your blood sugar from spiking. They’re also full of fiber and antioxidants.. Adding chia seeds provides protein and more antioxidants plus they may also prevent blood sugar spikes and have a high satiety (aka how full a food makes you feel). Raisins are a sweet but healthy add in thanks to their low-moderate glycemic index. They can also help to reduce your appetite and promote good oral health thanks to their texture.

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