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Personal Performance Management also known as PPM Fitness continues to please its clients with its prestigious Personal Training.  Located within the greater NYC area.  We provide high quality health and fitness services to our clients.
There's no better investment than yourself.  It's Time To Focus On You.

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Main Location at 349 Cedar Ln, Teaneck NJ 07666





Age - 27

Certifications/Degree - National academy of sports medicine (NASM), B.s. community health education, nutrition concentration.

Bio & Specialty - Chris has pursued to take on the roll of spreading health/wellness and fitness to others.  With extended bodybuilding experience Chris believes if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything possible.  Chris focuses on weight-loss, hypertrophy training, conditioning, functional movement, and HIIT in his programs.  

Years in Industry - 9 Years

Favorite Workout Movement - lat pulldown

Favorite Quote - "When you follow through with things in life you begin to achieve the confidence and mentality that anything is possible"

Available Days - Monday-Friday Mornings & evenings.  sunday Mornings



Age - 39

Certifications/Degree - national academy of sports medicine (NASM)

Bio & Specialty -  Philip Morrison is a strength and conditioning coach who empowers people physically, mentally, and emotionally through physical fitness and coaching.  His focus is High Intensity Interval Training designed to build muscle, burn calories and fat, develop the core and increase cardiovascular health. Philip’s training methods include kettlebell and weight training, yoga, primal mobility movements and boxing. 

Years in Industry - 16 Years

Favorite Workout Movement - barbell deadlifts

Favorite Quote - "Look in the mirror.  That's your competition."

Available Days - Monday-Friday Mornings & Afternoons.  Saturday Mornings


Age - 22

Certifications/Degree - Aa. liberal arts, international sports sciences assosciation (ISSA), specialist in sports nutrition (SSN)

Bio & Specialty - hailey is extremely involved in the fitness & nutrition industry.  Hailey has always had a passion to help others change their lives in the most simple, realistic way.  her drive comes from her own personal journey where she learned the importance of not just looking strong, but feeling strong.  hailey understands the struggles that come with change and thrives as she helps others break through them.  she believes everyone deserves the right to good health & to be happy with themselves inside & out.    

Years in Industry - 3 Years

Favorite Workout Movement - weighted hip thrust

Favorite Quote - "you will bloom if you take the time to water yourself."

Available Days - Monday-Friday 5:30am-9:00pm


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