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PPM Fitness is located within the greater NYC area.  We provide high quality health and fitness services to our clients.
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Chris holstrom OWNER/trainer

After graduating from the University of Scranton with a B.S. in Community Health Education, Chris has pursued to take on the roll of spreading health/wellness and fitness to others.  With extended bodybuilding experience Chris believes if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything possible.  Chris has his certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has a concentration in Nutrition alongside his degree. With his 5 years of training experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and an energetic personality Chris pledges to dedicate his very best toward his craft.  He aims to please each client with the attention you deserve to fulfill the best potential you can possibly be.  Chris is available M-F and Sunday mornings.  Sign up for a free consultation today!

"When you follow through with things in life, you begin to gain confidence and mentality that anything is possible." - Greg Plitt

gary mcconell

head trainer

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition Lv1 Coach, Gary McConnell specializes in weight-loss and injury prevention and rehabilitation. His charisma and incredible work ethic set him apart from others in his field. Gary’s approach to his training sessions are focused on small, consecutive victories for every client, leaving them feeling strong and capable. He fully believes that each session should contain equal parts of hard work, laughter and sweat. Once overweight and bullied during adolescence, diet and exercise played a pivotal role in changing the course of Gary’s life. He now uses his own experience to connect to every client he works with. This experience allows him to fully immerse himself into his profession with a passion that is unmatched by most.
Gary has taken his own success story of overcoming addiction and used it to mentor others who are struggling with similar challenges. Gary shares his own vulnerabilities to foster a meaningful connection with every client. “I speak from my own experience and pride myself on being able to listen to each person so that I can touch their hearts and begin the process of healing.” Whatever their challenges might be; issues with weight loss, lack of self-esteem or a general feeling of self-defeat, Gary has helped thousands of clients work through their struggles.
Over six years ago, Gary created a mentorship program at an alternative high school in Bergen County, New Jersey. Students graduating from this program have experienced total life transformations.
Recently, Gary founded a company called GSInspirations where he has created a text message based self-improvement program that has grown to a wide reach of subscribers. This new venture is about building character and self-worth in individuals who often feel uncomfortable with who they are. With Gary’s contagious and continuous message of love and healing, he hopes to bring out the best version of everyone he encounters!

philip morrison

trainer/boxing coach

Liam hill



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